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  • Was Hitler America’s Astrologer
    Nearly 100 years ago, when transport was almost exclusively horse drawn and air travel a fantasy, Adolf Hitler in Munich on April 20, 1923 accurately predicted the defeated and occupied Germany of 2021. Was Hitler America’s Astrologer
  • Light tourism
    Naini Tal’s Mall Road is usually a gelid mass of tourists, pulsating with impatience. On this day, when the second wave of the pandemic was just beginning to swell, we made up about ten percent of the tourists here. That gave us an opportunity to see the town’s own life, but I wish we hadContinue reading “Light tourism”
  • Who Is God’s Favorite Child?
    by Hazel Straub Who is God’s favorite child? You are his favorite child! His eyes twinkle with delight and his face creases in laughter, as he gazes at you. His love rescues you from hopelessness and despair. Restoration of your life, comes through receiving and trusting in his love, expressed through his son, Yeshua theContinue reading “Who Is God’s Favorite Child?”
  • 6 Methods for YouTube Views & Traffic
    Youtube has an excellent potential for creating awareness about a brand, goods or services that a person offers. The challenge, however, is that there are thousands of videos existing on the platform and users keep on uploading more videos by the minute. Each of these users hopes to get views. So how does one ensure his or her videoContinue reading “6 Methods for YouTube Views & Traffic”
  • Dusted Off the Old Clubs Today
    The headline might be a bit misleading. I don’t golf. At least what most people think of when they hear the word golf. But I do like mini-golf, and so does the rest of the Borden family (or at least they say they do). So today was our inaugural 2021 Mini-Golf outing. Thankfully, we didn’tContinue reading “Dusted Off the Old Clubs Today”
  • Who really cares?
    Who really cares? Who really cares?
  • Africa Still in Chains
    A common misconception is that post-colonial Africa has been a failure and its natural resources are squandered by incompetent or corrupt African despots. Not quite. Africa Still in Chains
  • Facebook’s ban on the Former Guy Must Remain
    Originally posted on On The Fence Voters: Here’s hoping the Facebook Oversight Board (FOB) does the right thing tomorrow and keeps the indefinite ban on the disgraced former president. American democracy eagerly awaits the decision. For those of you who might not know it, Facebook created the Board to weigh in on certain moderation decisions…Continue reading “Facebook’s ban on the Former Guy Must Remain”
  • False Flag to End All False Flags
    By the end of April 1945, the defending armies of the German Workers Reich were on the point of being overwhelmed. Hopelessly outnumbered by the armed forces of three non-European empires, the last battles were fought in Berlin and the Baltic States. False Flag to End All False Flags
  • How To Deal With Being An Empath
    Something that came up in my life coaching sessions last month was empathy. I was asked to think about the emotions I feel the most and empathy immediately came to mind. I wasn’t surprised but it did get me thinking a lot about empathy, what it means to be an empath and how to dealContinue reading “How To Deal With Being An Empath”




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