‘Rock bottom’: Tiff Hall shares health battle

On Monday, the Former Biggest Loser coach and mother-of-one revealed to her Instagram followers that after “gazillion tests” she has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) – a blood pressure condition which in her case is genetic. “I’m feeling truly grateful for all of the support and love I’ve received since sharing this very sensitive news,” Tiff told news.com.au. “I also understand that people may have questions for me. Chronic fatigue (CFS)/ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) is still something I am coming to terms with myself.” RELATED: Tiff Hall’s brutally honest bikini body pic The 36-year-old said she first developed CFS in high school, which has now triggered the emergence of POTS. “It’s very common for CFS to re-present itself over time, but after being in remission for over 20 years up until now, I’m confident I can beat it again.” Tiff said both conditions are complex and affect each person differently and right now, she is choosing to focus on her own recovery – which also includes taking a step back from social media and work. RELATED: Tiff Hall reveals household items you can train with After sharing the personal news on Instagram, Tiff, who is the founder of health and wellbeing program, TIFFXO, said (for now) she will be prioritising recovery and family. “This has been hard to accept and honestly, has felt like rock bottom at times,” she wrote in her post. “While I’m staying positive, recovery is tough and will mean taking a break for a little while to get well again. This is one of the hardest decisions, but I have to practise what I teach… and hopefully will be back in no time.” Tiff, who is married to comedian Ed Kavalee, said this meant her TIFFXO community pop-ins may be less frequent, and she may also be a little more absent from social media than usual. “But nothing changes for TIFFXO! Coaching you is a great privilege that I never take for granted, so TIFFXO will keep kicking with fun new workouts I shot recently hitting the planner soon (perfect timing!), fabulous trainers (another newbie on the way), and Team Tiff standing by.” Tiff shared two snaps to accompany her post with one showing her at her “strongest” which she said is “inspiration for myself to feel strong again and get back to filming fun workouts” for her community. “It’s been my life’s mission to empower women, so I hope that by sharing this I can inspire others facing any kind of struggle, big or small, to stay strong and count their rainbows, not their thunderstorm.” Tiff said her heart goes out to anyone else going through similar struggles. “I wish for them to have a supported recovery as I also undertake mine.” NED-3294-NCA-App-Banner

‘Rock bottom’: Tiff Hall shares health battle

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